Writing a classroom management plan

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The teacher talks and the student respond silently. It is a prevention tool. Creating a safe educational environment is more than something "nice," it is a legal responsibility as well as important to retaining employment. I believe the most important part of classroom management is not the behavior problems but creating a good rapport with the students, encouraging them to succeed and setting high expectations for them. Mid-Year Classroom Management Plan Taking over from another teacher mid-year is taxing to the new teacher and the students. Check the classroom for safety hazards and remove anything that is unnecessary. Even if you have to stand there for five minutes. The teacher is not being pulled in, away from the rest of the class, just to assert control and prove their point. Aaliyah is standing behind her three classmates with her hands to herself. What do I use to spread the peanut butter — my fingers, a spoon? Having defined the philosophy will help write the rest of the plan in clear, understandable language.

If you are a K teacher, you know what we are talking about. Some students can be motivated by good grades, while others can be motivated by interesting content you will share once they complete the assignment.

He suggests using a technique of partial agreement that also focuses on the primary behavior. Serious or Repetitive Behavior Problems Have an emergency plan and practice it if you are likely to have a student with serious behavior problems. Be firm with due dates.

writing a classroom management plan

The coach spends time teaching the play and making sure the players understand, and then the players practice over and over again until the play is routine. I think it is very important to engage students in discussion to try to draw out and challenge ideas and let the class learn from each other.

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Walk slowly and silently to the door. Rogers insists that you should not talk over noise. We will not be solely learning the facts of history, but will be integrating art, math, geography, science and psychology to deepen our understanding of our units. It is also important to provide a working consistent rewards system within the classroom environment to motivate students. He does not advocate being a strict, disciplinarian, authoritarian teacher, but gives strategies to help teachers work with students to control their own behavior. I will also make some positive phone calls home as these have worked well for me this year. Morning routines start the moment the child enters the classroom.

A daily schedule will eliminate unnecessary surprises and helps students to stick to the routines. Show them that this exercise is a step on the way to achieving their goals -- and see how students will strive to achieve more and do better!

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Most school teachers are, so feel free to steal it! Communicate with Parents Discuss the classroom rules with parents at open house, and send them home on the first day of school. You can thank them for behaving well during the class or encourage them to do that. If there is a consistent misbehavior problem, I will initially ask the student to talk to me after class.

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Having defined the philosophy will help write the rest of the plan in clear, understandable language.

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Classroom and Behaviour Management Plans