Writing rubric for kindergarten

She is clearly on her way to becoming a fluent writer! And, it is the high standards of the school, which our faculty strives to instill in our students. Children rarely show us just one stage at a time, though! There is no inventive spelling attempted at all; in other words, the child is NOT using any knowledge of sounds nor the alphabet the alphabetic principal to help him spell unknown words.

Can you figure out what she said Santa was saying??? Notice how the child marked the topic sentence with a green dot for go! It is the sum total of these qualities that make Bishop Dunn Memorial School and our students unique.

It has some reminder boxes to help the children learn to edit and start self-correcting their own mistakes.

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I am including it here as a free download for you. Letter Formation Above Expectation: Perfect letter formation Meets Expectation: Mixes upper and lower case occasionally, a few letter reversals Below Expectations: Frequent reversals, uses capitals instead of lower case in the middle of words frequently Fails Expectation: Poor ability to form letters Spacing of Words and Letters Above Expectation: All letters are spaced evenly Meets Expecation: There is some uneven and random spacing between some letters.

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This came from the Step Up to Writing Program. Punctuation may be added, but is not necessary to get this score. Developmental Spelling At this level, there are spaces between all of the words.

This is an example of random letter strings done by a Kindergarten student.

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11 Fantastic Writing Rubrics for Kindergarten